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No Matter what challenges you may face on your life's journey, with Courage, Self-Confidence, Integrity & Determination You Can Choose To RISE!

  At RISE we are more than just a martial arts school, we emphasize on the importance of building good character, self-confidence, & positive law abiding members of the community that align with Virtues such as: Respect, Resilience, Self-Control, Benevolence, Tenacity & many more.

    RISE Jiu Jitsu believes in having a positive impact & giving back to the community, building strong families & friendships, facilitating individuals with the development of their personal growth & their aspiration to be the best they can be. At the heart of our academy is our dedication to empower students to achieve a balanced & strong foundation in a welcoming & positive training environment for ALL. RISE aims to emphasize on the unity, tenacity & strength of our academy. 

       Jiu Jitsu helps you become the best version of yourself mentally, physically & spiritually. Our academy also focuses on enhancing leadership qualities, respect, discipline, strength of the body & mind, inner peace

& so much more. RISE Jiu Jitsu aims to raise the physical confidence & wellness of students of all ages by teaching practical & effective self-defense skills within a respectful, safe & inspiring environment. Every class is packed with high-energy, fun, friends, families & smiles. Come out, Empower Yourself, & join our amazing community & family. There is something for everyone!


Our Academy provides Jiu Jitsu programs starting from age 4 & up that are designed to build confidence & knowledge to protect yourself.

Owner & Chief Instructor of RISE Jiu Jitsu

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    Sensei Samir Ali-Ruiz received his 3rd Degree Black Belt (Sandan) in Japanese Jiu Jitsu on February 8th, 2020.

 He brings a very unique style of training through his diverse background of training in many martial arts. Sensei Samir started training Japanese Jiu Jitsu in 2006, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in 2012, & has trained in a variety of martial arts; MMA (mixed martial arts), Kickboxing & Weapons training. At the age of nine, he decided to train in Japanese Jiu Jitsu & he developed such a passion for Jiu Jitsu that he trained 7 days a week. This passion took him on a journey to train & gain experience in a variety of martial arts. Sensei Samir is a very active member in the community & enjoys volunteering his time & giving back. If he could train everyday all day, he would & with the biggest smile you could imagine.


     Sensei Samir has been able to beautifully mix Jiu Jitsu & Ground Fighting & he has brought an incredible way of thinking to his classes.  He believes that Jiu Jitsu is very beneficial, enhances every aspect of life & that it is important to surround yourself with positive energy.

       Be ready to learn stand up & ground techniques, self-defense & more while Sensei Samir takes you on a journey to inspire the way you think & train.

A quote of importance to him:

"The Strong Minded RISE to the challenge of their Goals & Dreams!"


Together We Aspire
Together We Achieve 
Together We RISE

Sensei Samir Ali-Ruiz Jiu Jits Calgary 7 Virtues Latifa Ali-Ruiz
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